Luckily I attracted the person I want

A while ago I found a YouTuber named Simon, talking on her YouTube channel about many topics, including the law of attraction, I watched almost all of her videos. I thought she was really cool so I subscribed to her channel.

In one of her recent videos, where she talks about everything related to the Law of Attraction, she listed one of the Most Powerful Subliminal that she herself used. And she said it's very powerful, one of the most effective methods she's used.

I was curious to try it, moreover, I was totally free and bored,

It's not like…

I'm still suffering from them as all teens

Who doesn't wanna get a perfect body according to society's beauty standards? I want.

I have always had a bad relationship with food, as much as I admire food I hate it.

“Skinny is beauty” society says.

For me, I have always been a binge eater. Whenever I started eating I didn't stop until I felt that I'm gonna puke. Such a relationship with food isn't healthy at all.

I started dieting and quitting since I was 14, I had not any knowledge about what is healthy and what is not. …

A short story

I have loved drawing since I was a little girl. I loved drawing everything, colors made me absolutely joyful.

My mother used to buy me pencils and watercolor, I admit I didn't know how to use them properly at the time however, I enjoyed coloring in art lessons, and I was so glad by the students and the teacher complimenting my drawing, they were fascinated by it.

Most of what I drew was nature, the sea, the sunset or a running river, and lots of flowers. …

A short story

I have mastered spelling words since I was four, wrote them correctly even though I didn’t learn them.

Words Danced Infront of me and told me how it’s written, but my handwriting is another story.

My teacher in the elementary school, who had pierced her nails and hung earrings or tiny medals that fit their size on, pinched my hand with her wrinkled fingers because she thought I was bad at spelling and dictation.

I remember her screaming spelling the letter she thought I missed, even though I just learned the alphabet, she wanted my handwriting to be understandable.


Luckily, I am addicted and love this kind of movies

Documentaries are for me the most enjoyable source of knowledge, I have already seen quite a lot of documentaries.

In fact, there are many films with good content, and they are varied, for me, I love documentaries that talk about nature, animals, global issues, and politics.

The Social Dilemma

"If you do not pay for the product, you are the product."

A newly released one, detailing what leads us to social media addiction, and the algorithms behind it, it is not random! Ads are not random! Every action you take (online) is watched, tracked, and recorded. …

Your way to write a successful novel

Writing a novel or creative writing, in general, is challenging, and not a fun outing. Some writers deal with it with great pleasure, such as the American writer Ray Bradbury, and the French writer Alexandre Dumas Sr, who used to speak with the characters of his novel and laugh at the jokes they told.

But despite this, many writers find it difficult to creative writing, especially at the beginning of the road, because it is the process of building worlds, including characters, places, events, and conflicts. …

Have you ever wondered whether writing is something you were given?

Since I was a little girl, around the age of nine, I noticed my love for writing, the words that flowed to me, begging me to write them. Landscapes, my country, and my family, I wrote poetry and prose about all of them. I felt that I was gifted with writing, this is why I'm here in this world.

But what if that just isn't true? What if writing was something we could learn, like basketball for example. Unlike basketball, nothing relied on genetics, as basketball requires a specific height. What if the dream was instead to become a popular…

Lama shihab

“A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” ~Thomas Mann

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